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Alyssa has experience teaching students of all ages and backgrounds. Students come to her to develop their voice, prepare for auditions, work on a specific piece of music, or to develop a new hobby.  She teaches a variety of vocal styles including classical, musical theater, pop, and jazz.  


Lessons are designed with each students needs and goals in mind. Alyssa balances teaching vocal technique, performance  skills, and music theory in each lesson. Her teaching methods include using a variety of activities tailored to different learning styles. Using this multi-faceted approach allows students to have a comprehensive understanding of their voice. 


Teaching voice is important because it goes beyond just being a better singer; it teaches lifelong skills of hard work, dedication, focus, and self-motivation. Thus improved singing is a product of the student's practice and built awareness of his or her voice and body. A teacher has done their job when a student understands how their voice works and is excited about unlocking new vocal potential.


Check out what current and former students have said under the testimonials section.  

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