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To Be Certain of the Dawn by Stephen Paulus

To Be Certain of the Dawn by Stephen Paulus

University of Minnesota presents To Be Certain of the Dawn, a Holocaust Memorial Oratorio written by Minnesota composer Stephen Paulus with librettist Michael Dennis Browne. Conducted by Kathy Saltzman Romey. Soloists: Soprano, Madison Holtze Mezzo Soprano, Alyssa Becker Tenor, Laurent Kuehnl Baritone, Cenyiyang Chen Timecodes: 0:00 Renewal: Sh'ma Yisrael! (cantor) 3:23 Renewal: Teshuvah (chorus) 8:21 Renewal: First Blessing (children's chorus) 11:18 Renewal: Kingdom of Night (chorus) 14:40 Renewal: Mourner's Kaddish (cantor, chorus) 16:34 Renewal: V'a Havta Le Reacha Kamocha (cantor) 18:26 Remembrance: Two Little Girls in the Street (soprano, mezzo soprano) 20:53 Remembrance: Second Blessing (children's chorus) 24:27 Remembrance: Where Was the Light? (chorus) 25:49 Remembrance: Old Man, Young Man (baritone, tenor) 30:26 Remembrance: Third Blessing (children's chorus, soprano) 31:35 Remembrance: This We Ask of You (chorus) 32:43 Remembrance: Du sollst deinen Nächsten lieben wie dich selbst (chorus, cantor) 34:39 Remembrance: Three Coats (mezzo soprano, tenor) 36:41 Remembrance: Fourth Blessing (children's chorus) 38:46 Remembrance: Breathe in Us, Spirit of God (chorus, tenor, baritone) 41:50 Remembrance: Boy Reading (baritone, chorus) 44:50 Remembrance: Interlude: Veil of Tears (orchestra) 48:51 Remembrance: Hymn to the Eternal Flame (chorus, children's chorus, soprano) 51:28 Visions: B'Tselem Elohim (all soloists, cantor, chorus, children's chorus) 58:24 Visions: Voices of Survivors (all soloists) 1:01:24 Visions: V'a Havta Le Reacha Kamocha (chorus, children's chorus, cantor)


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